Switching Cam Models Vs. Following a Few Exclusively

“She is the one to be followed exclusively”

Using a cam site may be the perfect option for you if you have always been the type of guy who has trouble approaching women in person at the most popular bars and clubs in your area. It can be a great way to gain confidence if you are shy, or you may just want to use a cam site because it is new and interesting. There are plenty of reasons why you might decide to use a cam site, but none of them are that important. What is important is knowing how to use cam sites. One of the things that you may have trouble with his knowing if you should stick with the same model over time, or if you should be switching it up on a regular basis. When you decide to use live sex chat sites it is important to understand how you can get the most out of each experience that you have, especially since you may or may not be pouring money into the site in order to tip the models. Check out our cam guide to get some camming tips. Read the Reviews, Ranking, and Guides to Get the Most from Your Live Chats. If you have to pay for a live sex chat then make sure you know how to go about it and what to expect from the cam model, so that you don’t waste your money.

If you find a model that you enjoy, you may be tempted to stick with her instead of going through the effort of finding someone else. However, there can be drawbacks to this decision and may not be the best choice for you to make. Understanding the differences you will experience if you switch cam models constantly or if you follow the same few girls over time will definitely help you make the right choice for your needs.

The Benefits of Following Several Different Cam Girls

“Follow someone else instead of getting bored”

Though it may take a little bit more effort on your part, following several different cam girls instead of switching constantly can be a good choice for you. First of all, if you only follow one cam model you may have to wait a fairly long time in order to see her perform. She may have a set schedule that she follows where she only performs on certain days, which means that you will have to wait for her to perform in order to use the cam site of your choosing. If you take the time and effort to find several different cam models to follow, then you have a better chance of being able to find someone you enjoy every time you get on the Internet use the cam site of your choosing.

The top quality live adult chat sites on the Internet will offer a wide variety of models for you to choose from, which means that you stand a better chance of finding various girls that you enjoy watching. If you decide to follow a small number of models and setters switching every time you visit the site, you may find yourself experiencing quite some extravagant benefits. First of all, you will get to know the models much better than if you switch every time you view the site. This can be beneficial because it can allow you to form a good relationship with the models and even become her favorite. If you become a model’s favorite viewer then chances are she will be much more willing to do things for you for free or for cheaper than normal. It can also prevent you from having to spend a lot of time searching for a new model.

The Benefits of Switching It up All the Time

“Find an ongoing show according to your time zone”

On the other hand, you may decide it is more to your liking to switch up the models that you watch every time you decide to use a cam site. This can have its benefits too, though it really depends on what you want to get out of your experience. It is definitely going to give you a different experience than following the same models all the time. It can have its advantages, mainly centered around the fact that you will not have to worry about availability. You can log onto a cam site immediately find a model to watch, instead of having to wait for your model of choice to have a performance scheduled.

If you are not picky about what kind of girl you are going to be watching, then this option is probably perfectly fine for you. You will not have to worry about waiting to see when she will be performing, or trying to track her when she switches throughout various sites. Instead of tracking the model you like best, all you will have to do is log on to the side of your choosing and pick the model that looks best to you. Another benefit of choosing this option is that you will get a much wider variety of women to watch. If you watch the same girl time, you may start getting bored with what she does, which is something you seriously want to avoid. If you switch models every time, this will not be a concern because you will be seeing someone new every single time.

Knowing Which Option Is Best for You

“Make sure that you make the most of your money”

While these two options may seem wildly different you, the truth is that it really doesn’t make that much of a difference. It is all a matter of personal preference, which means that it is really up to you in order to decide what is best for you. Now that you know that there are advantages and disadvantages to both options, you need to decide what is important to you when you use a live chat site for adults. Again, it all mostly comes down to personal preference, so you need to examine exactly what you want to get out of your experience and how you prefer to go about things.

If you are less concerned about variety, then choosing to watch the same model every time or choosing to watch a small number of models over time may be the best option for you. This is going to offer you stability and it may result in getting you perks with the model as she becomes more familiar with you as a viewer. If you like to have a good relationship with the model and interact with her more, then this choice is going to be the one that you want because you will form a more distinct relationship with her. If you don’t mind having to wait for her to get on and perform, this option will be perfectly fine.

If you are more concerned with variety and seeing someone new every time, then obviously you will want to switch models as often as you can. This will be a good choice for you because it will allow you to see new models every time you use the site. It will also be the better choice for you if you are worried about having to wait to see the model of your choice. By choosing a new model every time, you don’t have to wait for the model of your choice to come online – you can just pick whichever model looks best to you at the time of logging on. This option is much more beneficial if you really just do not mind who you see, so if you aren’t picky then this is probably good for you.

Why Do Women Feel So Guilty After Hooking Up?

There are so many women who feel a sense of guilt after hooking up with men for one night stands, but why? One would ask if sex is such a natural and pleasing activity, ‘Why should someone feel ashamed for doing it’? Sexual guilt denotes a sense of meaningful accountability and profound regret accompanying the partaking in sexual activities and even the mere thought of sex and erotic fantasies.

Sexual guilt

“The sense of guilt never goes away”

Women who feel guilty after sexual activities often believe that sex is a sinful, immoral or an unclean act. The correlation between sex and guilt was first suggested by acclaimed neurologist and psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud. He believed that libido, otherwise called sexual instinct, is a core determining factor in the formulation of behavior and personality in human beings. Although many psychologists and other persons who specialize in mental studies today reject or dispute his approach, his ideas still stand and are of importance in understanding the starting point of sexual guilt. Most men on top hookup sites (like those at http://hookuponlinesites.com/dating-site-reviews/) really use these dating sites to get laid as places to insult women and treat them like crap. Many women today, meet men on hook up sites online, believing that they will not feel any guilt or remorse because they do not personally know that person. However, this has proved to be far from the truth. Women still end up feeling guilty and ashamed for having one night stands, even if they had no emotional connection with that person. They do it over and over and still feel the same way. There are however many reasons for the feeling of sexual guilt that has to be explored. Some are a result of personal and social values, while others are deeply embedded through family expectations and moral values.

Family Values and Principles

hook up sites online

“Family values and principles causing guilt”

The leading factor in the feeling of guilt is based on the influence of family values and principles. In Western society, people are generally brought up on Christian principles. Even if families are not associated with any church or sect, there are certain moral values that are adopted by them. Many families are stricter on girls when it comes to sexuality. Girls are often taught to engage in household, family and social activities, but their social lives are often put under scrutiny with regards to the opposite sex. Girls are often sheltered in the home for much longer than boys. They are educated about abstinence, pregnancy and other sexual matters far more rigid and more frequently than boys are. While boys are often allowed to do much of what they please, girls are kept I check. This might not necessarily be the case for most, but it is certainly a factor in the guilty feelings that women feel after casual sex. Most were brought up believing that they should not engage in sexual activities of any sort with men. Girls are encouraged and sometimes coerced into preserving their sexual virtue.

Long-term Implications Of Sexual Enforcement In The Family

Sexual Enforcement In The Family

“Let the guilt out”

Once an action is condemned by adults, persons will become even more curious to engage in such behavior, and after the circumstances, feel guilty. For instance, if sex play among peers, a prevalent activity of preteen children, is thought to be immoral by grownups, kids who play as such may experience guilt afterwards.
The erection of the penis and beginning of vaginal lubrication, is a natural process that can be brought on by other factors other than sex. These occurrences may present further instances of sexual guilt in children, especially females, if parents enforce blame, defining such bodily functions as wrong. Children, especially women often grow to maturity and are still affected by their past rebuke. They remember the values of their parents and feel the feeling of guilt after sexual activity comes naturally in unification with sex.

Religious and Moral Values

At one point in time, early Christians forbade sexual contact even between married couples several days each year. These were during the forty days of lent and forty days after childbirth. Funny, but it is true. The early Church had not only influenced people’s lives, but also dictated how they should live it.
Additionally, sex and sexual enjoyment for purposes other than conception, had been denounced by some churches during this era. Certainly, not all churches believed this, but this scenario is pointed out as a fitting example of the church’s impact on female behavior.
These rules that guide moral behavior include:
• No sex before marriage
• No sex outside of marriage
• No unnatural or immoral sexual activity
These are general rules set by biblical values. The extent of these regulations is more farfetched and generally apply to males as well as females. Sexual morals are nevertheless more strongly enforced with regards to women.
Some people have made suggestions that the strong boundaries employed to sexual activity and the emphasis constantly placed on sex as moral weakness in Western philosophy, could only have wreaked success in nurturing an underlying fascination with sex objects and sexual activities.
Psychologists associate guilty feelings brought on by the moral guilt as the morning after sex guilt. This can come from engagement in hook up sites online. It involves mindful acknowledgment of sinful feelings after sexual breach of a specific internal value, like having extra-marital sex.

Sexual Remorse and Hatred

Women often love sexual attention and will seek to attract men, simply to behave in an unresponsive and an apathetic manner once the man begins to show interest. If and when any form of sexual contact occurs, the occasion may be looked at as a huge moral failure on the female’s part, and she might feel disgust or hatred toward the man. The episodes are repeated and some persons find themselves living in a pattern of indulgence and sexual guilt. Hook up sites online can have a detrimental effect on the mental and moral well being of such women. Constant opportunities for sexual gratification with the end result being a sense of revile and shame will have a negative effect on the woman’s social and personal happiness.

Suppression of Sexual Desires

inability to control our thoughts

“Stop suppressing those desires”

Typically, while awake, our mind sustains solid boundaries of social and moral values and expectations. We have the ability to control our urges and thoughts while conscious. While dreaming, however, our inability to control our thoughts allows uncluttered expression of sexual desires that are normally controlled. After gaining conscious awareness of these fantasies and desires, we experience deep sexual guilt.
Suppression of fleshly desires when practiced by women, present an occasion for a guilt trip once these desires are fulfilled. Occasionally after meeting someone on hook up sites online, the woman feels guilty and unclean for indulging in what was once an overpowering desire. The repression of her feelings in past times has led her to think of sexual acts as somewhat unnatural. She cannot believe that she actually engaged in such acts and this leads to even further suppression. Although this might not be obvious, there are many women today who fear the release and expression of their own sexual desires.

Personal Guilt From Lack Of Self Control

hook up sites online

“Guilt from lack of confidence”

Another type of guilt that women feel is one known as latent guilt. It stems from a universal belief that sex is wrong and dirty in general. These people believe that sex is degrading to oneself and can only be associated with animal instincts. To them, it is an utter lack of self control.
During these occurrences, a woman may experience guilt even without being involved in actual sexual activities. She can be deemed as having a special guilt-laden personality. Such persons are lacking in sexual awareness, arousal and usually cannot achieve an orgasm. When such women date men from hook up sites online, they feel guilty for the mere fact of having made contact with him. The thought of sex even drives them away from potential dating excursions. Constant guilty feelings can have drastic implications on a woman’s intimate relationships and family life.

Though sexual guilt is still in existence today, times have certainly changed. Things are not the same as they were before when sexual activity was under extreme scrutiny, especially within the church. Today, more women consider themselves sexually liberated and are able to enjoy a sexually fulfilled life. They take control of their bodies, are masters of their lives and feel a sense of redemption of their bodies. Although sexual guilt might not go away anytime soon, many women are able to suppress such feelings and move on with their lives. This is especially true for younger people who are not held to honor such strict religious upbringing as in preceding times.

How To Deal With A Friend Who Has Cheated, And The Effect On Your Friendship

“Dealing with a cheating friend”

“Dealing with a cheating friend”

In a perfect world, people are faithful to their partners and infidelity doesn’t put strain on a friendship. Unfortunately, in the world that we live in, this is simply not true. Friendships often suffer a strain, especially when your friend has been unfaithful. It can make your relationship feel complicated, especially when you don’t agree with your friend. Can you still stay close if your friend has cheated? Instead of jumping to conclusions, consider some of the ways you can deal with a cheating friend.

Your Friendship May Be Changed Forever

“The friendship is on the line here”

“The friendship is on the line here”

We like to be friends with people who have similar likes, dislikes and personality traits. It is undoubtedly true that a real friend values honesty and faithfulness above all others. Unfortunately, these illusions are easily shattered when your friend admits to infidelity. It is the ultimate insult to your friendship if your friend asks you to become her alibi when cheating on their partner or spouse. It takes advantage of the trust that you have built together and it certainly changes the way you perceive your friend.

It is often hard for friends to move past this phase because we often feel that what our friends do can make us look bad or the poor choices can rub off on us. This is the reason that friendships usually fail or suffer a serious strain when you realize your friend has cheated. It can be hard for you to understand his or her values and severely question his or her reasoning ability when you see that cheating should not be the answer to his or her problems.

Try To Avoid Anger In Your Confusion

“Avoid the rising temper”

“Avoid the rising temper”

You may have spotted your friend checking out legit cheater dating sites and you may have found out about his or her infidelity. You must learn about the sites that your friend used to cheat on his/her spouse. If it’s marital affair.com then It’s important for you to read marital affair review shown here and find out if maritalaffair.com is a scam or not. Don’t blame your friend on assumptions. It is a normal human feeling to automatically get angry. However, anger won’t solve the rift that the infidelity has caused between you and your friend. You may not condone cheating and if you are of a religious background, you may even more so shun the idea of infidelity. It is however important to keep in mind that just because you are good friends, it doesn’t necessarily give you the right to harshly judge or get angry.

Help your friend get past the infidelity. It is important that if you value your friendship in any way you use caution when confronting your friend. Let your disappointment be known, but also offer advice and a shoulder to lean on. Anger is not the way to solve this, instead offer an ultimatum or a way out, but don’t become pushy.

Ideas that you should consider when confronting your friend:

-Avoid talking about your friend’s past romantic history of picking the wrong guys or using poor judgment. It is important that you help your friend and not make surly comments that make the situation even more awkward.

-Don’t tell your friend the outcome of the affair or make obvious predictions. Your friend knows too well that everyone will walk away hurt and there is bound to be heartache. The question just remains how you can help your friend prevent some heartache.

-Being unfaithful and cheating is a very personal and private topic. Your friend has come to you for support and not to get yelled at. It is understandable if you feel shocked or angry towards him or her, but remember, a good friend is there when there is a need.

“Be cautious when confronting your friend”

“Be cautious when confronting your friend”

Be Honest and Honor Personal Values

Be honest in your response to your friend. If your friend has approached you about the fact that he or she has been cheating, it is important that you stay and listen. Tell your friend how you feel about it. Your friend may tell you that it is none of your business, but if you are truly friends, you have to have your say. Remember, your friend came to you because ultimately he or she needs a push in the right direction. There may be some tough love involved, but you need to help your friend be strong. How your friend handles some situations can make you look bad. If you stick around and condone cheating, it can give people the wrong impression of you.

It can be a further complication to your friendship if you know your friend’s partner or spouse. It makes the infidelity even more personal and can even force you to choose sides. In this case, your job is to remain honest, but to also let your personal values be known. For example, if your friend has been using legit cheater dating sites, it is your right to tell them that is not something that you personally agree with or feel would benefit him or her in the long haul.

Try to let your friend know you care by discussing these topics:

-Explain that you are not here to judge your friend’s actions, but merely to offer support and advice when asked.

-If your friend needs you, you are here to talk to them. Sometimes lending an ear can be all the help someone needs.

-Explain if you feel very strongly about the subject of infidelity . Let your friend know that you want to distance yourself from cheating behavior and not from your friendship. You may occasionally need a break when the tough moments come down on you.

It is perfectly okay to want to distance yourself from your friendship after infidelity happens. It is important that you don’t entirely wash away your friendship, but take a break instead. To end things on a good note, let your friend know that you are not going to stop being a friend, but you need to go away for a while. Once his or her negative actions have stopped, you can be close friends again. Your friend may seek you out again after the affair and it is important that you still shy away from being judgmental. It doesn’t help either one of you and it can help you feel estranged from one another.

Offer A Way Out

The important idea is for you to give your friend a way to work things out. If your friend tells you about his or her infidelity, he or she wants your opinion and your help. Even if it was not clearly voiced that your help is needed, offer your friend something. Let him or her know that you are willing to accept phone calls and talk. If your friend clearly needs professional help, offer to take him or her to a psychologist. It is important to offer a way out of a bad situation, and your conscience is clear whether or not your friend decides to go with or against your advice.

With legit cheater dating sites all over the Internet, being unfaithful is as easy as turning on your laptop or Smartphone. If you are friends with someone who has cheated on a partner or spouse, you know you are against behavior like that. It is up to you to handle the rift in your friendship by choosing to respond in the right way. Don’t get angry or become forceful; rather, offer your friend a way to cope with the misery he or she is bound to experience.

Please a Woman with Your Cooking

They say the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach which is why many women go to so much trouble just to learn how to cook. The truth is women expect the same thing from men. Though it’s not the really the best way to a women’s heart, still men should learn to please their woman through their expertise in the kitchen.

Man cooking for a woman

Please a Woman with Your Cooking

How to make her feel happy

Women love it when men go the extra mile in making them happy. Aside from the usual showers of gifts and attention, men should also look for other meaningful ways to please their partner in life such as cooking for them. Now you don’t need to be a top chef just to prepare something special for your woman. The first thing you should do is to ask her or her friends what her favorite foods are. Knowing the kind of food she likes to eat is the first step you should take to ensure your plan of wooing her through your cooking won’t backfire.

Once you already have the idea on what your woman loves, it’s time that you check out the web or hit the bookstore for recipes of her favorite dishes. You can search online free of charge and even ask professional chefs for cooking tips. On the other hand, local bookstores have a wide collection of cookbooks especially those of unique dishes.

If you think you’re ready to show off your cooking skills, you set up a date with your woman. You can choose to cook for her in your house or you can have it at her place. It’s important that you come up with foods which are actually delicious and if you think you can’t rely too much on your cooking ability, you can ask help from a friend to help you prepare everything.

How Tablets Will Change the Way We Compute

With the rapid rate at which technology is growing, PCs now appear to be diminishing in usage. Day by day, PCs are appearing to belong to the dark eras of computing. This is due to the popularity tablets have gained amongst computer users. Majority of computer users now prefer purchasing tablets rather than repairing their PCs when these become unusable or when they need upgrading. There are various reasons why many computer users are preferring tablets to PCs. These reasons include:


The major reason why many people are going for a tablet is its portability. Tablets are very tiny compared to PCs such that one can always use it even when traveling. A PC can be difficult to use while traveling as it is bulky and also requires a power connection to function. A tablet has a rechargeable battery thus it can be used without connection to mains power as long as it has enough charge. This makes tablets to be more efficient when it comes to portability and power.

Smartphone owners are also eying tablets. This is because tablets offer better gaming aspects as well as better browsing and viewing of video clips. Though they may not have larger storage spaces compared to PCs, portable hard disks and online storage services have become options of storing large data and backing up data.


The internet has changed the way we compute. In the recent world, many computer users require computers to surf the internet. Since tablets offer almost all features a computer can offer, more people prefer surfing using a tablet. Tablets come with great internet features such as Wi-Fi hot-spots, Bluetooth, and 3G network capabilities. A PC would require extra devices such as modems or cable internet in order to connect to the internet. PCs now appear to be left for researchers and programmers who require loading heavy software that cannot be used on tablets.

Tablets also come with an integrated secondary camera that can be used for taking photos and video calling. This makes it a preference in making video calls compared to PCs that require buying a web camera. The social media has also changed the way we compute. Tablets provide a better experience in social media and emailing as well as sharing photos.

only changed the way we

only changed the way we

In the current era, CDs and DVDs are becoming a thing of the past. You can still stream videos and movies online using a tablet. You do not need CDs to load software like in a PC. You can download thousands of applications online.


When comparing PCs to tablets, tablets generally require less maintenance. PCs are usually prone to crushing and attacks by viruses. Most viruses are computer based executable files while tablets use different operating systems that are not prone to virus attack. PCs also have hardware components that often fail and require replacement regularly. This makes a PC more expensive to maintain compared to a tablet.

change the way we compute.

change the way we compute.

Though tablets are yet to become a full replacement to PCs, they have become a good alternative in doing many tasks that a PC can do, especially for people on the go. As more tablet manufacturers compete and come up with higher-end tablets, their prices will go down and more people will be able to afford them.

Should You Consider Using Online Dating to Find Love? The Pros and Cons

Relationships built over the internet? Is it really possible? Can you really find love through online dating? The search for this special someone has indeed gone a long way.

Then, men and women look intently at each other trying to determine if they like what they see, like procession lines passing each other for mutual scrutiny. It is as if you march, you look. If you are interested, you stop and talk. Now, it has become like this: you still walk in the procession and look, but you do it online. You browse through numbers of prospects hoping to stumble upon Mr. or Ms. Right.

So should you really consider online dating and find true love in the vastness of the World Wide Web? Could your dream partner be one click away? Let’s find out the pros:

Almost everyone is online and into it – What it is more statistically probable that you will find the love of your life in a club? These days, a big percentage of most couples meet on the internet. It is believed that majority of people has subscribed to a dating site. While others say they look for love on the web, many believed that online dating is one of the most effective ways to give fate to picky singles.

12 Pros and Cons of Online

12 Pros and Cons of Online

Online dating provides a certain amount of time to know somebody – Think about meeting people in big cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London or Paris. It is going to be a waste of time going to bars or somewhere else and randomly meet people and really don’t know anything about them than if you meet them online. Think about this: whether you believe or not of what they write in their profiles, would you also believe what they say at the bar?

You open up yourself to a great number of choices – There are over thousands of sites for meeting people and there are many categories to choose from. You can choose a site for farmers, vegans, and geeks among others that connect you with people of the same preference.

However, to weigh things out, there are also cons:

Most people online lie about what they say on their profiles – In order to easily find love online, most people would post fake photos and information about themselves. It is not impossible to chance upon these fakes, so be very careful.

Most online dating sites would charge a big amount of fee – Do not fall on advertisements that say ‘absolutely free’. If you are into subscribing to a lot of dating sites, make it a point that what you are signing up is really for free. Do not just sign up and register. Read the terms and conditions carefully and decide from there.

Be careful of the people you connect with online – Just because the profile picture looks harmless does not mean they really are. Take time to get to know the person more before meeting face to face.

Online Dating To Find Love

Online Dating To Find Love

In a Nutshell

Dating online is not like shopping on Amazon. Many people have mistaken online dating for shopping. Most of them would pick prospects as if they are ordering something. Keep in mind, dating online is still similar to the offline world where typically it’s the guy asking the girl out. Those rules have not changed despite the technology. So, should you consider online dating to find love? The choice is yours.

7 Tips On How To Win Arguments Every Time

Arguments can be stressful – but even a pacifist could not deny that there are times when you just have persuade people to really see your point of view. For example, you may have an excellent idea and there will be someone you will need to convince that it is so. Here are 10 of the best ways to win arguments every time.

1. Keep calm.

Remember that an argument is not a contest to see who can yell the loudest; if you lose your cool, you will end up repeating points and weakening your stance. You would probably lose the argument, although you just might end up winning the argument by default because your opponent was silenced by an uppercut – and no one wants that.

2. Use the right words.

It’s all about the semantics. You can win an argument by avoiding universal quantifiers such as “always”, “never”, “everyone” or “no one”. They are usually used to assert a point but the thing is, using those words would only enable the other person to poke holes in your arguments. For example, saying “You never pick me up on time!” would only result to responses of “There was this ONE time back in September when I was on time!” Stick to words that would provide maneuver ability and would help you look like a reasonable person, which could also help you in winning.

How To Win Argument

How To Win Argument

3. Get him on your side.

When you are arguing, you are not arguing against a person, you are arguing about his belief or whatever it is he is saying. Don’t make it look like you are enemies. For example, say something he would definitely agree with – even if it is something unrelated. That way, you get in a strong position – your opponent would start thinking “he’s right about that, what if he’s also right about…” An added bonus is that the tension would be reduced.

4. Always use facts and logic.

Facts are difficult to argue with so make sure you know what you are talking about. State statistics and quotes from persons of authority about the subject matter. Show him how you managed to get to your position know by explaining how one idea follows another.

5. Probe.

Find holes in his argument using logic. Ask the right questions – the kind that can reveal flaws in his arguments. This would keep him from attacking your stance and would put him in the defensive. Ask about evidence. Ask what-if questions about his idea. For example, “what do you think will happen if I do that?” Ask follow up questions and make him scramble for answers.

6. Compromise.

Concede a good point and also see if it is possible to compromise. By making him see that agreeing with you can actually do him good, you will win the argument.

7. Mind your manners

Never get personal. Your goal is to win an argument – not to gain an enemy. Do not attack the person – just deal with the issue. If your opponent starts playing dirty though, say something like “I think it would be more productive if we stick to the issue instead of making personal attacks”.

Do mind your manners

Do mind your manners

Now that you know how to argue, you would have to worry about something else: dealing with sore losers, evasive maneuvers and last-ditch attempts. Remember that some of your opponents would try to draw you into another argument. How do you know you’re winning, though? You would know you are when your opponent starts mentioning something that would initiate another argument. When this happens, steer the conversation to the original topic and never let him lead you to the new argument until you finish the current.

Loans: What Are The 3 Best Loan Types For Students?

There are different kinds of student loans, and federal student loans are generally considered the best. Federal student loans provide better terms compared to private loans. Parents are no longer required to co-sign to serve as guarantee although they must still supply their financial info.

There are 3 types of federal student loans. Here’s what students need to know regarding these 3 loan options:

Perkins Loans

A student can borrow up to 5,500$ a year through a Perkins loan. This type of loan does not charge an interest and does not require payments while a student is still in school. The student only starts paying the loan six months after he or she leaves school. The Perkins loan has an interest rate of 5%, which is significantly lower than other student loans.

Cancellation of some of the loans is possible when a Perkins borrower goes into public service just like teaching and doing police work.

The Perkins Loan program helps

The Perkins Loan program helps

Every school can only lend a limited amount of Perkins money. There is a possibility that a student will be eligible for the loan at a particular school, but not in another institution.

Subsidized Direct Stafford Loans

A subsidized Stafford loan is provided to students in college that cannot pay for the full amount of their college fees. It is the government that judges whether a student is eligible for the loan or not. Also, the student has to be in college at least half-time.

A student in the freshman year can borrow up to 3,500$, 4,500$ for those in their sophomore year, and 5,500$ for students in their junior and senior years.

During the time that the loan is made, a 1% fee is imposed to the lender. While in school, a student will not be charged any interest nor will be asked to make payments. The loan’s interest will begin to accumulate once the student drops out or finishes college. An interest rate of 6.8% is charged annually to students with subsidized direct Stafford loans.

Subsidized Stafford Loan

Subsidized Stafford Loan

Unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loans

This program allows students with a subsidized direct Stafford loan to borrow an additional amount. It has to be at least 2,000$ per year. A freshman student can borrow at least 5,500$, 6,500$ for those in their sophomore year, and 7,500$ for students in their upper class year. Freshmen students whose parents were not approved for a PLUS loan as well as those who are qualified as independent may borrow up to 9,500$, 10,500$ for sophomores, and 12,500$ for students who belong to upper class years.

No payments are required while the student is in school. However, an initial fee of 1% is charged. Also, a 6.8% annual interest rate begins to build up almost immediately.

For Stafford borrowers, signing up for income-based repayment enables them to pay an amount that does not surpass 15% of their income.

Before you even borrow money, be sure that you already know the different kinds of student loans. It is one way to maximize the total amount of federal aid you will get. More importantly, the amount that you need to repay later on will be minimized.

My Top 3 T.V. Shows this Year

American television has evolved throughout the years and many producers have to adjust to the modern audience. Despite commercialism, producers are still able to make quality shows that will surely provoke an audience’s opinions. While many reality shows are making television a junk, there are still some shows and drama series worth watching.

Three of the most watched television shows today are Dr. Phil, The Game of Thrones, and Homeland. Each is unique in their plot and presentation which is why it is popular for many Americans. These top 3 shows tell us that quality television is not dead yet. As long as there still creative thinkers and the right budget to put up a good show, we will never ran out of them.

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil is not your ordinary, no nonsense talk show every family can enjoy. Dr. Phil McGraw, the show’s host, is a credible speaker-source of varied types of information since he is a critically acclaimed author and a licensed Psychologist. The good thing about the host is he can really put up a very interesting conversation in such a way that the audience can connect. In every episode, it seems that Dr. Phil is able to make the audience empathize with the guest, something that every talk show host must follow.

The Game of Thrones

This drama series has a line of characters capable of doing good and bad. The “roundness” of the characters makes the series very unique than other American drama not to mention the type of setting and plot they have. The plot revolves around an aim of reclaiming a royal throne. Even at the early episodes of the series, it has been acclaimed by critics as a societal reflection. The use of nudity, however, is criticized. Although it is not something that kids can enjoy, adults who are in the look for a unique drama series can surely appreciate this.

Making of Game of Thrones:

Making of Game of Thrones:


This is another US drama psychological/thriller drama series which depicts the life of Nicholas Brody, a former prisoner of war in Iraq. The US intelligence agency now thinks that he has been turned over by the enemy to become a spy for the Federal government. As an effort to negate this thought, he must find ways on how to convince them that he is for America and not to the terrorists. The series is very timely and socially relevant, which makes it an interesting topic of most Americans.

Second season of Homeland:

Second season of Homeland:

It has won outstanding drama series by the 2012 Emmy’s and Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Series.

These TV shows are appreciated by the viewing public because of its sense and the way they are presented. If not because of the writers, producers, and performers, shows like these will never come to be. Reality shows, on the other hand, are already suffering from quality and viewer trust.